RUN GROUPS/DECALS



·         White Vintage Meatballs:  Up to 16” circle 2/$30, 4/$50   17"-20" 2/35, 4/55
  Specify size,  Picture is 16”. 
Can put black borders on meatball for white cars - $5/pr.

                Specify: static or adhesive     

·         Black Meatball Numbers:*  Size dependent on circle size.  Picture is 9”

                                                      $3.00/number   Ex. 11 or 01 = $6 

·         Run Groups:  AP, BP, CP, SS etc.   1-3”  $7/pr.  4-6”  $10/pr.


·         Individual Numbers (EA)   1-5”  $4;  6-10”  $7;  11-18”  $10


·         Driven by:  Your Name 4” x 14” dependent on name.  $15 EA.  2/$25


·         Vintage Color Screened Decal Sheets (2/set) Look Great!  $60/set

           Goodyear, Castrol, Autolite, Koni, Pure, Wynns, Esso, Red E, Batt.  
         Switch…set of 18

·         Windshield Bannar: 3”or ? black lettering on clear static:  up to 22" $20    

 ·        Clear Static Sheets:  .008” 24"x36”  for mounting advesive decals for 
          static application
and applying to paint surface to protect from  
          chipping.   $15/sheet   Black, Red, Green, Blue $20

RECOMMENDED: Soft Rubber Application Roller  $12


CUSTOM  APPLICATIONS - Business, Sponsors, Logos -  Inquire

                                                    Events: event name and numbers etc.

* Note: Both Static cling and adhesive vinyl are available for above. Decals, 
  static cling only.
Some Static and Adhesive are available in color


Shipping and Handling:  Add $10/order. CA  Add  7.75% tax.   Ck/MO/Visa/MasterCard/Amex


Meatballs Plus, P.O. Box 9806, Fountain Valley, CA 92728   714-916--8549
allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

“Static cling vinyl is excellent

 for both track and show.  Does

 do not come off at high speed when applied properly and it looks like it's painted on”


Easy to apply and maintain.

Great removable/reusable

alternative  to paint, adhesive

and tape.  
Static cling not recommended for rain, snow, car washes      









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