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Meatballs Plus of Fountain Valley, California announces the availability of an inexpensive alternative to permanent painted-on numbers, stick-on decals and tape.


For those who show or race their performance cars, these removable/reusable numbers and decals provide the car owner with show quality numbers and decals without the permanence of paint or stick-on decals.


Black numbers are permanently applied to white static cling circles “meatballs” up to 20” in diameter.  The meatballs are then simply applied to a clean, polished surface.  Car shown has 16” meatballs and 9” numbers.


The vintage decals come in two sheets of nine, one decal for each side of car.  The set includes Goodyear, Castrol, Autolite, Koni, Pure, Wynns, Esso, red circled E & batt switch. Because there is no sticky back, the decals can easily be placed exactly where wanted and removed with a fingernail.  They are simply cut out and applied.


Both the meatballs and decals are made of static cling vinyl and are easy to apply, maintain, move to another car, remove for storage or simply left on the car.  They can be used on cars for show or race and do not come off at high speed when applied properly.


A complete set of four meatballs with 2 numbers costs $69 and a set of decals costs  $60 plus $8 shipping and handling per order.  Both come with complete instructions.





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