3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film, Strips

     Special Order Only

Over the years, we've been asked what to use to minimize stone chips etc.  that wouldn’t damage the paint, yet look good….and could be removed.  We have recommended our clear static cling vinyl, which can be laminated.  It’s still a good option, but have found and used the 3M ScotchgardÔ Paint Protection Film and found it that it works and looks great.... and can be removed, but you will want to keep it on!


The draw back using this product seems to be that it is used primarily by professional installers and is very costly.  Well I think you can do it yourself on those high exposure areas on your car and at a low cost.


Simply go to the sites listed below and see for yourself and if you want to give it a try, we have foot wide strips available for only $9.50/ft., min 2 feet.  Applicator is $2. You can easily make the solutions needed.


Figure out what you need plus a little extra and give us a call…









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